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Finding aids (also called guides or descriptive inventories) are the key to locating archival and other primary source materials. The finding aid to an individual collection includes a detailed description of the collection, explains how it is organized, and outlines its contents, listing locations within a collection where relevant materials may be found. The Northwestern University Archives has about 1,000 collections with finding aids. Please note that not all of the Archives' finding aids are on line yet. Paper finding aids for all 1,000 archival collections are located in the University Archives Reading Room. Please contact us if you are searching for a collection or have a question about our finding aids.
1. This Page:  
This page links to the finding aids for about 350 of the Archives' collections. Finding aids on this page are grouped by the school or category with which the collection is associated (e.g., Speech professor Lew Sarett’s papers are listed under the School of Communication; the Records of the Associated Student Government are listed under Student Activities). You can also use the Control-F function or the "Edit/Find on This Page" function to see if the finding aid you seek is on this list. These online finding aids require Acrobat Reader to view or print.
2. Our New Portal:  
The University Archives is also contributing finding aids to the Northwestern University Library's new "Archival and Manuscript Collections Portal." This database (portal) provides access to collections of primary-source materials held by various departments within Northwestern University's libraries, through finding aids made searchable through EAD (Encoded Archival Description).
Finding aids for over 400 of the University Archives' collections are now available through the portal. Until all finding aids are accessible through the portal, researchers will want to search both this page and the portal page for the collections they seek.

The collections described in these finding aids are non-circulating, and can only be used in the University Archives' Reading Room. Some collections are stored off-site and require advance notice for use. It is to the researcher's benefit to contact the Archives prior to visiting so that Archives staff can have materials ready.
Remember that not all of our holdings are collections with finding aids. We also have serial publications, subject files, photographs, and many other items that are not described in the Library catalog or in our finding aids. Please contact the University Archives with any questions about our holdings.

School or Category

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Programs and Research Centers (including Program of African Studies/Melville Herskovits Papers)
School of Music School of Pharmacy
School of Communication (formerly School of Speech) Transportation Center
Medill School of Journalism Continuing Education / Evening Divisions/ University College
Dental School Athletics and Recreation
Kellogg Graduate School of Management Student Activities, Student Life, and Alumni Papers
School of Law Administration and Trustees
Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University Settlement Association
University Library Northwestern-Related
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science School of Education/School of Education and Social Policy
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology Department, Records of the, 1964-1973
The Northwestern University Department of Anthropology was established in 1938. (1.66 cubic feet)
Basolo, Fred (1920-2007) Papers, 1941-2006
Chemistry professor at Northwestern, 1946-1992. The Papers document his teaching, research, publications, and professional involvement. (21.5 boxes)
Bell, James Washington (1890-1966) Papers, 1922-1961
Bell came to Northwestern as an Associate Professor of Money and Banking in 1923 in the Department of Economics. He was promoted to Professor in 1929 and remained a Northwestern faculty member for the remainder of his career. (1 cubic foot)
Berry, Jack (1818-1980) Papers, 1940-1980
Born in England, Berry taught African Languages and Linguistics at Northwestern from 1964 to 1980. Papers consist mainly of research files and publications. (6 cubic feet)
Blanksten, George I. (1917-2001) Papers, 1952-2002
George I. Blanksten, Latin America expert and political science professor, was born in Chicago on September 19, 1917. (0.66 cubic foot)
Brace, Richard M. (1915-1977) Papers, 1933-1986
Professor of European History at NU from 1947-1965. Paers include biographical materials, correspondence, and teaching, research, speech and publications files. (15 boxes)
Burwell, Robert L., Jr. (1912-2003) Papers, 1931-1986
Chemist, specializing in heterogenous catalysis, who taught at Northwestern from 1939-1980. Papers document Burwell's teaching, research, and consulting.(33 boxes)
Breckenridge, James D. (1926-1982) Papers, 1926-1983
Breckenridge served as Chairman of the Department of Art from 1964 to 1972 and of the Department of Art History from 1972 to 1974. (7.66 cubic feet)
Cashman, Robert J. Papers, 1928-1988
Robert J. Cashman served as a professor of physics in the Department of Physics at Northwestern University from 1936 to 1975. (6.33 cubic feet)
Coe, George A. (1862-1951) Papers, 1850-1974
A distinguished scholar in the field of religious education, Coe taught moral and intellectual philosophy and religion at Northwestern from 1891-1909. One-third linear foot.
Cohen, George M. (1919-1999) Papers, 1948-1999
Painter and art professor at Northwestern (1948-1984). 7 boxes (2.5 cubic feet)
Cole, Douglas (1934- ) Papers, 1960-1997
Marlowe scholar and English professor at Northwestern, 1969-1998. 9 boxes (3 cubic feet)
Colegrove, Kenneth (1886-1975) Papers
Political science professor at Northwestern (1919-1952) and expert in Japanese politics and law. 90 boxes (30 linear feet)
Colter, Cyrus (1910-2002) Papers, 1935-1995
Noted author Cyrus Colter taught creative writing in Northwestern's African-American Studies Department, 1973-1978. (2 linear feet)
Condit, Carl Papers 1914-1997
Professor of History, Art History, and Urban Affairs at Northwestern, known for his work on Chicago architecture. (7 linear feet)
Conger, William F. (1937- ) Papers, 1971-2010
Abstract artist, and Professor of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern, 1985-2006. Papers include biographical, correspondence, and teaching files. (6 boxes)
Crew, Henry (1859-1953) Papers, 1833-1975
Professor of Physics at Northwestern University. (2.3 cubic feet)
Crotty, William J. (1936- ) Papers, 1967-1995
Political sicentist, specializing in political parties, elections, and terrorism; taught at NU from 1967-1995. Papers consist mainly of teaching files; some publications and biographical data. (3.5 bxes)
Curme, George Oliver, Sr. (1860-1948) Papers, 1899-1950
Professor of German philology, 1896-1933. Materials include correspondence about the discovery of the Kensington Rune Stone in 1898, and a manuscript of A Grammar of the English Language. (1 box)
Dalton, George (1926-1991) Papers, 1945-1991
Professor of economics and anthropolgy at NU, 1963-1991, specializing in primitve and developing societies. Papers include correspondence, education and teaching files, and publications.(58 boxes)
Daniels, Arlene Kaplan (1930- ) Papers, 1960-1994
Daniels was Head of NU's new Program on Women (1975-1979) and professor in the Department of Sociology (1975-1994); from 1992-1994, Director of NU's Women’s Studies Program. 10 boxes.
Dapples, Edward C. (1906- ) Papers, 1938-1980
After completing his graudate studies at Northwestern, Dapples taught geological sciences there from 1936 to 1973, as well as serving as a consultant on mining operations. (3 boxes)
Dearborn Observatory, Records of the, 1863-1967
Observational records and historical materials relating to Northwestern University's Dearborn Observatory. (20 linear feet) (more...)
DeCoster, Cyrus (1914-1999) Papers, 1948-1999
Cyrus Cole DeCoster taught Spanish at Northwestern University for 16 years. (0.3 cubic foot)
Deibler, Frederick Shipp (1876-1961), Papers, 1910-1942
Deibler held many positions in the Department of Economics of the School of Commercie and/or College of Liberal Arts from 1904 until his death in 1961. (2 cubic feet)
Department of Hispanic Studies, Records of the, 1989-2000
The Department of Hispanic Studies offered courses in Spanish and Portuguese languages and in the literatures and cultures of Latin America and Spain. (0.66 cubic foot)
Department of Religion, Records of the, 1953-2004
The Department of the History and Literature of Religion was established in 1927. (5.15 cubic feet)
Dole, Malcolm (1903-1990) Papers, 1924-1990
Chemistry professor at NU, 1930-1969; research in electrochemistry and polymer chemistry; involved in Manhattan Project during WWII. (11 boxes) (more...)
Dorjahn, Alfred Paul (1894-1986) Papers, 1913-1972
Professor of Classical Languages from 1927 to 1962, Chair of Classics Department, and John Evans Professor of Latin Languages and Literature. (3 boxes)
Douglas, Mary (1921-2007) Papers, 1948-1985
Social anthropologist, taught anthropology and the history/literature of religions at NU from 1981-85. Papers consist mainly of African research materials and publications files. (6.5 boxes)
Douglas, Wallace (1914-1995) Papers, 1906-1995
Professor of English at Northwestern from 1945 to 1980. (7 cubic feet)
Dwass, Meyer (1923-1996) Papers, 1953-1996
Dwass was named Director of the Northwestern University Center for Statistics and Probability in 1976 and Chair of the Mathematics Department in 1978. (0.48 cubic foot)
Eisner, Robert (1922-1998) Papers, 1942-1998
Economist Robert Eisner taught at Northwestern for 42 years. The Papers document Eisner's career as teacher, prolific author and of scholarly and popular works, consultant, and speaker. (52 boxes)
Ellmann, Richard (1918-1987) Papers, 1951-1987
Internationally known authority on James Joyce and W. B. Yeats, member of the Department of English at Northwestern University, 1951-1968. (0.33 cubic foot)
Evans, Bergen (1904-1978) Papers, 1921-1978
Popular Northwestern University English professor, author of books on English usage, contributor to game shows (including the notorious $64,000 Question). 27 cubic feet.
Evans, Lawrence G. (1935- ) Papers, 1952-1999
Professor of English at Northwestern from 1962-2001, and Walter Pater scholar. Papers include biographical information, correspondence, committee files, and teaching files. (7 cubic feet)
Exum, William H. (1942-1986) Papers, 1965-1985
Associate Professor of African-American Studies and Sociology from 1977 to 1986. (3.5 boxes)
Farrell, R. Barry (1926-1991) Papers, 1947-1992
Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University from 1957 until his death, Farrell specialized in comparative politics and founded NU's Program of Canadian Studies.
Faverty, Frederic E. (1902-1981) Papers, 1920-1982
English professor at NU, 1930-1971, with research interests in English philology; NU Press editor, 1945-50. Biographical materials, correspondence, teaching, publications files. (20 bxes)
Fink, Zera S. (1902-1979) Papers, 1944-1980
Fink taught in the English Department at Northwestern from 1927 to 1970, when he became Professor Emeritus. (0.66 cubic foot)
Forrest, Leon (1937-1997) Papers, 1952-1998
Professor in NU's Department of African-American Studies and noted writer. 3 linear feet.
Fox, Philip (1878-1944) Papers, 1904-1941
Astronomer and Director of NU's Dearborn Observatory, 1909-1929. Papers include biographical materials, correspondence, observations, and publications. (1 bx)
Fucilla, Joseph (1897-1981) Papers, 1918-1981
Professor of Romance Languages at NU, 1929-1965. 3 linear feet.
Garrels, Robert M. (1916-1988) Papers, 1938-1992
Professor of Geology at Northwestern for 21 years, USGS geologist from 1952 to 1955.
(23.5 boxes)
Gault, Robert Harvey (1874-1971) Papers, 1909-1972
Professor of Psychology at NU from 1909-1940, specializing in the psychology of the criminal. Papers consist mainly of published and unpublished writings. (3 boxes)
Geology, Department of, Field Notebooks and Catalogs, 1881-1953
Field notebooks, cross section books, and catalogs of minerals, compiled by NU Geology Dept faculty and students. 5 boxes.
Grant, Ulysses S. (1867-1932) Papers, 1886-1977
Prominent geologist and Northwestern professor U. S. Grant, spanning the years 1886-1977. 6 boxes (2 cubic feet).
Grose, Clyde LeClare (1889-1942) Papers, 1917-1987
Clyde LeClare Grose, a specialist in early modern British history, came to Northwestern University as an Instructor in History in 1916 and remained there until his death in 1942. (0.66 cubic foot)
Haensel, Paul W. (1908-1949) Papers, 1908-1962
Haensel, a Russian-born economist, taught economics at Northwestern from 1929 to 1943. (1/3 cubic foot) (more...)
Hagstrum, Jean (1913-1995) Papers, 1921-1996
English professor (1940-1981), department chair (1958-68, 1973-74), and scholar of 18th-early 19th century English literature, focusing on relationships between poetry and painting and between psychology and literature. (55 boxes)
Harris, Norman Wait, Lecture Series Records, 1906-2007
Admnistrative records and individual files on lectures given over the course of the Norman Wait Harris Lecture Series at NU. 5 boxes.
Hayford, Harrison M. (1916-2001) Papers, 1916-2002
Melville scholar and professor of American literature at Northwestern for 44 years. 72 boxes (24 cubic feet).
Heller, Erich (1911-1990) Papers, 1932-1990
Heller became Professor of German at Northwestern in 1960. In 1967 the University appointed him the first Avalon Professor in the Humanities, a position he held until his retirement in 1979 when he was made emeritus. (4.33 cubic feet)
Hellinger, Ernst D. (1883-1950) Papers, 1906-1975
Mathematics professor from 1939 to 1949. (1.5 boxes)
Hibbard, Addison (1887-1945) Papers, 1911-1973
Professor of English and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts from 1930 to 1945. (3.5 boxes)
Holgate, Thomas Franklin (1859-1945) Papers, 1892-1972
In 1894, Holgate was made a full professor. In 1902, he was appointed Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, a position he held for the next seventeen years. (1.6 cubic feet)
Hough, George Washington (1836-1909) Papers 1855-1909
In 1879 Hough became Director of the Dearborn Observatory. As Director, Hough held a professorship in astronomy at the University. (2.5 cubic feet)
Howland, Arthur (1908-1978) Papers, 1930-1978
Professor of Geology at Northwestern for 43 years, Department Chair from 1945 to 1969, USGS geologist from 1940 to 1954. (12.5 boxes)
Hsu, Francis L. K. (1909-1999) Papers, 1940-2000
Anthropologist and NU professor (1947-1978), the first Chinese faculty member, Hsu's research focused on cultural behavior patterns. (16 cubic ft)
Huntley, G. Haydn (1905-2001) Papers, 1938-1975
Art history professor (1946-1973), specializing in Italian Renaissance and the 19th century. Papers consist of biographical materials, articles, and grade books. (.5 box)
Hynek, J. Allen (1910-1986) Papers, 1925-1988
Noted astronomer, Chair of Northwestern's Astronomy Department from 1959-1978; known for his interest in UFOs. (4.5 cubic feet) (more...)
Integrated Arts Program, Records of the, 1986-1999
This Program let students explore the creative process from the perspective of the artist, across disciplinary lines in the fields of theatre, visual arts, music, dance, and media arts. (0.33 cubic foot)
Ipatieff, Vladimir N. (1867-1952) Papers, 1867-1967
Russian-born research scientist in the field of catalysis and chemistry professor at Northwestern University, 1931-1945. (4 cubic feet)
Jacob, Herbert (1933-1996) Papers, 1962-1996
Jacob joined the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University in 1969. While at Northwestern he was affiliated with the University's Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research as well as the Program on Law and the Social Sciences. (5.15 cubic feet)
James, James Alton (1846-1962) Papers, 1888-1965
Professor of History, 1897-1935; appointed the first William Smith Mason Professor of History in 1923; Chairman of the Department of History for over two decades; founder of the University Archives. (1.66 cubic feet)
Johnston, Brian (1932- ) Papers, 1964-1967
Papers consist of Johnston's reading and lecture notes as instructor of English at NU (.5 box).
Kennicott, Robert--Henry M. Bannister Papers, 1857-1905
Letters, journals, and other documents relating to the Department of Anthropology's Robert Kennicott (1835-1865?) and Henry Martyn Bannister (1844-1920), naturalists and explorers of the Alaska Territory. 2 boxes (.66 cubic feet).
Klotz, Irving M. (1916-2005) Papers, 1937-2005
Professor of biochemistry, biology and chemistry at NU, 1940-1986. Research ranged from thermodynamics to protein structure and function. Papers consist largely of correspondence, research notes, publications. (76 boxes)
Lee, Oliver J. (1881-1964) Papers, 1930-1964
Lee came to Northwestern University in 1928 as an assistant astronomer at the Dearborn Observatory. He became Chair of the Department of Astronomy, 1929; and Director of the Dearborn Observatory, 1931-1947. (0.33 cubic feet)
Leland, Simeon E. (1897-1972) Papers, 1918-1972
In 1946 Leland accepted the positions of Professor of Economics and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Northwestern University. He held both of these positions until he retired in 1966. (7.66 cubic feet)
Leopold, Richard W. (1912-2006) Papers, 1912-2007
Professor of American History (specializing in American foreign policy) at NU from 1948-1980. The papers of this influential teacher document his entire life and career. (185 boxes)
Linguistics Department, Records of the, 1963-2004
Records include general administrative files, research and project files, and records relating to conferences and to the Program of African Studies. 11 boxes (3.5 cubic feet)
Locy,William Albert (1857-1924) Papers, 1901-1924
Professor of Zoology and Director of the Zoological Laboratory from 1896 to 1924. (3 boxes)
Marcy, Oliver (1820-1899) and Elizabeth (1821-1911) Papers
Geologist Oliver Marcy taught at Northwestern from 1862-1899; established NU's Museum of Natural History; twice served as actingUniversity president. Elizabeth Marcy engaged in many social reform activities, including the WCTU and the Elizabeth Marcy Home. (2 linear feet) (more...)
Mayo, Robert D. (1919-1998) Papers, 1928-1998
Professor of English, 1941-42 and 1946-1978, specializing in 17th-19th century novels and periodicals and 19th-20th century poetry. (2.5 cubic feet)
McGovern, William M. (1897-1964) Papers, 1919-1967

Professor of Political Science, known for his travels to Tibet in the 1920s. 6 boxes (2 cubic feet.)
Minar, David W. (1925-1973) Papers, 1943-1974
Political scientist and professor at NU from 1958-68 and 1970-73. Papers include biograpchial materials, correspondence, teaching files, research files, speeches and publications. (23 boxes)
Molnár, Géza von (1932-2001) Papers, 1967-2002
Von Molnár joined the faculty of Northwestern University in 1963. After he taught at Dartmouth College for a year in the 1970s, he returned to Northwestern University and served as Chair of the Department of German, teaching at NU for a total of ten years. (7.33 cubic feet)
Mowrer, Ernest R. (1895-1984) Papers, 1922-1985
Professor of sociology at Northwestern from years 1928-1963, specializing in marital disorganization and interactional social psychology. Papers document his life and career. (4 cubic feet.)
Nethercot, Arthur H. (1895-1981) Papers, 1927-1981
Scholar of English literature and Northwestern professor, 1919-1963. (1 cubic foot)
Overbeck, Clarence J. (1901-1997) Papers, 1933-1997
In Northwestern's Department of Physics, Overbeck was successively instructor (1927), assistant professor (1931), associate professor (1939) and full professor (1946). (0.48 cubic foot)
Pearson, Charles W. (1846-1905) Family Papers, 1843-1968
English professor at NU from 1871-1902 and radical Methodist pastor. Papers include those of his children (Margaret, Muriel, Josephine, Ethel, George, and Mowbray) as well as his own. (15 boxes)
Perry, Edmund F. (1923-1998) Papers, 1953-1999
Perry chaired the Department of Religions from 1954 until 1975 and again from 1978 through 1981. (1 cubic foot)
Pines, Herman (1902-1996) Papers, 1935-1996
Chemist and professor of chemistry at Northwestern, 1941-1970, heading the Ipatieff High Pressure and Catalytic Lab from 1953-1970.(7 boxes)
Poole, Kenyon E. (1909-1988) Papers, 1929-1978
Professor of economics at Northwestern from 1948 to 1977, specializing in taxation, the business cycle, and the Common Market. Papers document his life and career. (.5 cubic foot)

Prior, Moody E. (1901-1996) Papers, 1924-1996
Prior taught in the English Department, 1924-1948 (Chairman, 1944-1945); then became Director of Graduate Studies, 1964-1969, and Dean of the Graduate School, 1951-1964. (1.66 cubic feet)
Romani, George T. (1917-1977) Papers, 1935-1977
Professor of European cultural and intellectual history, 1947-1977. Papers include biographical information, correspondence, research, writings, and work as a student at UC-Berkeley (11 boxes)
Safford, Truman H. (1836-1901) Papers, 1850-1871
Astronomer and first director of the Dearborn Observatory, 1865-1876. Papers include many notebooks of observations and computations, teaching materials, and publications. (2 boxes)
Samuels, Ernest (1903-1996) Papers, 1918-1995
Professor of English at Northwestern 1942-1971, author of biographies of Henry Adams and Bernard Berenson. 17 cubic feet.
Schilpp, Paul A. (1897-1993) Papers, 1936-1993
Professor of Philosophy who came to NU in 1936 after being fired from his previous positions for political, economic, and social radicalism. (0.15 cubic foot)
Schoenbaum,Samuel (1927-1996) Papers, 1951-1976
Professor of English at NU from 1953-1975, specializing in Renaissance and Shakespearean drama. Papers include biographical information, reprints, and clippings.(.5 box)
Scott, Franklin D.(1901-1994) Papers, 1923-1988.
Professor of History at NU, 1935-1969, specializing in Scandinavian history. Papers document his teaching and research. (11 boxes).
Shemin, David (1911-1991) Papers, 1938-1998
Biochemistry professor, later Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and from 1975-1987 Deputy Director for Basic Sciences at the Northwestern Cancer Center. (4 boxes)
Small, Stuart G. P., (1916-1992) Papers, 1947-1989
Professor of Classics from 1955 to 1986. (7.5 boxes)
Speed, Robert C. (1933-2003) Papers, 1848-2003
William Deering Professor of Geological Sciences specializing in tectonics, structural geology, and active continental margins.(48 boxes)
Starr, William T. (1910-1999) Papers, 1939-1978
Professor of Romance Languages from 1945-1978. Starr's anti-Vietnam-war activism is reflected in his papers, along with biographical, teaching, correspondence, and publications files. (7 boxes)
Stimson, Frederick S. (1919-2001) Papers, 1953-1981
Professor of Romance Languages and scholar of Hispanic poetry. (1.5 boxes)
Torchiana, Donald (1923-2001) Papers, 1958-2001
Torchiana was Instructor in English from 1953-1959; Assistant Professor of English, 1959-1963; Associate Professor of English, 1963-1968; Professor of English, 1968-1989; and Professor Emeritus of English beginning in 1989. (1.6 cubic feet)
Ver Steeg, Clarence L. (1922-2007) Papers, 1927-2007
Professor of American History and later Graduate School Dean at NU (1950-1992). Papers reflect his career, including biographical, correspondence, teaching, and publications files. (43 boxes)
Webster, J. Carson (1905-1989) Papers, 1931-1989
Webster taught art and architecture at Northwestern from 1934-1973.
Wiebe, Robert (1930-2000) Papers, 1949-2000
Professor of American history at Northwestern University, 1960-2000, and author of The Search for Order, 1870-1920. (2 cubic feet)
Whitten, E.H. Timothy (1927- ) Papers, 1956-1981
Geologist and professor of geology at Northwestern from 1958-1981. Papers include biographical information, correspondence, publications, and teaching files. (2 boxes)
Williamson, Harold F. (1901-1989) Papers, 1926-1987
Professor of Economics from 1948 to 1969, specializing in American and European economic history. He was noted for his meticulous scholarship in writing business histories. (7 boxes)
Young, Roland A. (1910-1977) Papers, 1922—1977
Professor of political sciente, with interests in African politics, at NU from 1948-1974. Papers document his entire teaching career, including much correspondence. (35 boxes) 
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School of Music
Bainum, Glenn (1888-1974) Papers, 1888-1974
Professor of Music, Director of Bands, and Director of the men's and women's glee clubs, Bainum was known for introducing marching-band formations. (2.33 cubic feet)
Boettcher (Bogue), Emily, Papers, 1907-1996
Papers of pianist Emily Boettcher Bogue, Northwestern University Music School alumna and professor. (more...)
Carringer, Walter (1924- ) Papers, 1924-1994
During Carringer's career as a soloist, he performed with almost every major orchestra in the United States and Canada. In 1964, he joined the music faculty at Northwestern as an Associate Professor of Voice. (0.66 cubic foot)
Donato, Anthony (1909-1990) Papers, 1917-1992
Musician, composer, conductor, and professor of music at Northwestern from 1947-1976. (19 boxes and eight scrapbooks)
Fountain, Grigg (1918-?) Papers, 1961-1986
Professor of Organ and Church Music in the School of Music at Northwestern University, 1961-1986. (0.33 cubic foot)
Howerton, George Russell (1905-1999) Papers, 1923-1999
Howerton became Director of Choral Activities at Northwestern in 1939 and Dean of the School of Music in 1951. He retired in 1971. (3 cubic feet)
Karlins, M. William (1932-2005) Papers, 1953-2005
Composer and music professor at NU (1967-2001). Papers consist mainly of sketches, scores, and manuscripts of Karlins' musical works. (12 boxes, including 7 dropfront boxes)
Lane, Dorothy (1910-1994) Papers, 1936-1994
Harpsichordist and professor at NU's Shcool of Music. (0.33 cubic foot)
Lutkin, Peter Christian (1858-1931) Papers, 1889-1971
Peter C. Lutkin was Professor of music at Northwestern University (1879-1928)and organizer of the North Shore Music Festival. One-third linear foot. (more...)
Mombaerts, Gui (1902-1993) Papers, 1922-1980
Distinguished pianist, music professor from 1948 to 1971, chairman of the piano department from 1957 to 1971. (2 boxes)
Oldberg, Arne (1874-1962) Papers, 1917-1976, n.d.
Pianist and professor at NU's School of Music, 1899-1941. (0.33 cubic foot)
Parsons, Arrand (1918-2001) Papers, 1942-1988
A graduate alumnus of Northwestern, Parsons taught Music Theory at the University from 1946 to 1984. (7 boxes)
Paynter, John Phillip (1928-1996) Biographical Materials, 1951-1996
Music professor and bandleader. (0.33 cubic foot)
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School of Communication (formerly School of Speech)
Bacon, Wallace (1914-2001) Papers, 1929-1980
Professor of Literature and Performance Studies as well as chairman of the Department of Interpretation, from 1947 to 1979. (25 Boxes)
Breen, Robert S. (1909-1992) Papers, 1909-1992
Papers of Northwestern University School of Speech Professor Robert Breen and his wife, alumna Gertrude Bader Breen. (12+ cubic feet)
Carhart, Raymond (1912-1975) Papers, 1938-1975
Audiologist and professor in NU School of Speech, 1936-40, 1947-75. (4 linear feet)
Cashman, Agnes Jones (1901-1989) Papers, 1918-1960
Cashman taught dance and hygiene at Northwestern, becoming director of the Physical Education department in 1932 and director of Orchesis in 1933. (6 linear feet)
Children's Theatre of Evanston, Records of, 1925-1986
A pioneer institution in dramatic training for children, founded in 1925 by faculty of the Northwestern's School of Speech (notably Winifred Ward) and from Evanston public schools. Two and one-half boxes.
Conquergood, Dwight (1949-2004) Papers, 1974-2005
Professor in NU's Dept. of Performance Studies, 1983-2004, who studied performative aspects of ethnic and social constructs. Papers document his teaching, research, publication, and administrative work. 48 boxes.
Cumnock, Robert M. (1848-1928) Biographical Materials, 1877-1975
Robert McLean Cumnock, founder of Northwestern University's School of Oratory, was born in Scotland in 1840 to a large Presbyterian family. (0.15 cubic foot)
Department of Audiology, Records of the, 1950-1988
The Department of Audiology, in the School of Communication, had its origins in the Program in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, which began in June 1941. (7.5 cubic feet)
Dennis, Ralph B. (1876-1942) Papers, 1897-1978
Professor and then Dean (1919-1942) of NU's School of Speech, led its development and expansion. Papers comprise biographical materials, correspondence, speeches, and articles. (1 box)
Downs, David A. (1946- ) Papers, 1946-2006
Actor, director, and professor in the Theatre Department at Northwestern from 1973 to 2007. Papers include biographical material, correspondence, and teaching and directing files. (13 cubic feet)
Ellis, Jack C. (1922- ) Papers, 1955-2000
Documentary filmmaker and professor of film production, history, and criticism at NU, 1956-1991, Ellis established NU's film program. Papers consist mainly of biographical materials. (1 box)
Galati, Frank (1943- ) Papers, 1948-2006
NU alum and professor in the Interpretation Department, as well as noted plywright and director. Papers include biographical material, teaching files, and files on plays and movies. (13 cubic feet)
Haiman, Franklyn S. Papers, 1927-2003
Teacher, scholar, and free speech advocate Franklyn S. Haiman was born on June 23, 1921 and raised in what he later termed the "socially segregated" Jewish community of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. (7.66 cubic feet)
Heston, Lilla A. (1927-1984) Papers, 1948-1984
NU alumna, professor and department chair in the Interpretation Dept from 1965-1984, Heston's papers include biographical materials, correspondence, teaching files, scripts, writings. (17 boxes)
Institute For Modern Communications, Records of the, 1980-1992
An interdisciplinary program of media studies designed to promote scholarship that does not neatly fit the curricula of either the School of Speech or the Medill School of Journalism. (3.16 cubic feet)
Johnson, Virgil C., Papers, 1957-2007
Papers of the costume designer, and NU School of Communication faculty member (teaching set and costume design) from 1985-2007, include biographical and teaching files, correspondence, and many costume drawings, with swatches. (9 boxes)
Krause, Alvina (1893-1981) Collection, 1929-2003
An influential faculty member of the School of Communication from 1930-1963, Krause helped develop the University Theatre Program.
Lee, Charlotte (1909-1995) Papers, 1948-1986
Lee taught in the Interpretation Department of Northwestern's School of Communication from 1945 to 1974. (.66 cubic feet) (more...)
Lee, Irving (1909-1955) Papers, 1942-1968
Northwestern University School of Speech professor, 1936-1955. One-third linear foot. (more...)
Lee, Laura (1914-1987) Papers, 1930-1987
Northwestern University School of Speech alumna ('35 and '38) and professor, 1956-1979. One-third linear foot. (more...)
McBurney, James M. (1905-1986) Papers, 1934-1972
McBurney became Dean of the School of Speech in 1942 and held the position for thirty years until his retirement in 1972. (1 cubic foot)
Mitchell, Lee (1906-1988) Papers, 1929-1983
Theater educator, author, and director, member of the Northwestern faculty from 1929 to 1971, Chairman of the Department of Theater in the university's School of Speech from 1951 to 1968. (7 boxes)
Moore,(George) Paul (1907-2008) Papers, 1949-1954
Speech pathology professor at NU, 1930-1961 (and NU alumnus). Papers include biographical, correspondence, and subject files documenting teaching and professional activities. (4 boxes)
National High School Institute (School of Speech), Records of the, 1945-1985
This 5-week summer program for high school students includes subdivisions in Drama, Oral Interpretation, Forensics, Radio-TV-Film, and Communicative Disorders. (33 boxes)
Neal, Patricia (1926-2010), Papers, 1926-2011
Papers document stage, movie, and TV actress Neal's professional career and personal life through clippings, correspondence, documents, theatre and movie ephemera, photographs, and artifacts(80 boxes.
Northwestern University Theater Department Scrapbooks, 1928-1998
Press clippings, advertisements, photographs, and production programs (including cast, technical and artistic staff lists) from University Theatre productions. (33 Volumes)
Radio/Television/Film Department: Academic and Course Files, 1946-1980
Records consist of graduate program materials; course materials; student papers; and grade sheets. Access restricted--see finding aid. (5 boxes)
Radio/Television/Film Department: Administrative Records, 1939-1968
General departmental files, as well as records of the Summer Radio & TV Institutes (1942-1958) and the NDEA Media Specialist Institutes (1965, 1967). (12 boxes)
Radio/Television/Film Department Radio Guild Scripts, 1946-1948
The Radio Guild was begun in 1946 to provide an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in radio production. (2 volumes)
Radio/Television/Film Department Radio Playshop, 1939-1953
The Radio Playshop was organized by Crews in 1939 as a workshop specializing in the production and broadcast of student-written scripts. (15 Volumes)
Radio/Television/Film Department Scripts and Production Reports, 1937-1964
Scripts and production reports for the radio and television programs prepared by the Radio/Television/Film Department for broadcast over station WNUR and other broadcast outlets. (7.66 cubic feet)
Robinson, Karl Frederic (1904-1967) Papers, 1948-1976
Professor and administrator in several areas at NU, including National High School Institute, School of Communication, Traffic Institute. Papers include teaching materials and reprints. (5 boxes)

Sarett, Lew (1888-1954) Papers, 1902-1978
Lew Sarett, poet, lecturer, woodsman, and professor of speech at Northwestern University, 1920-1953. Volume: 3.1 cubic feet. Also on microfilm.
Scott, Walter Bernard (1907-1970) Papers, 1907-2002
Popular professor of dramatic literature and history of drama at Northwestern, 1939-1976, and author of many articles, including numerous parodies of gerat literature. Also includes some material relating to Scott's wife, Elizabeth F. Scott (17 boxes)
Tillman, Tom W. (1931-2000) Papers, 1949-2000
Audiologist Tom Tillman got his PhD from Northwestern in 1959 and taught in the University's School of Speech for over thirty years. (4 linear feet)
University Theatre Production Photographs, 1928-1991
Negatives, prints, oversized prints, and slides of productions by Northwestern's University Theatre (21 boxes)
University Theatre Production Records, 1934-1955
Reports prepared by production-crew heads for productions staged by Northwestern's University Theatre. (1 cubic foot)
University Theatre Prompt Books, 1933-1984
Theatre scripts, annotated for use by the prompter, for Northwestern's University Theatre productions (12 boxes, 104 bound volumes).
Whannel, Paddy [Atholl Douglas] (1922-1980) Papers, 1896-1980
Professor of film study in NU's School of Speech, 1972-1980. Papers include biographical materials, correspondence, writings, research materials, and course materials. (4 boxes)
WNUR-FM, Records of, 1953-1994
On May 8, 1950, Northwestern University radio station WNUR-FM made its first radio broadcast on a ten-watt transmitter. (4 cubic feet)
WNUR-FM Audiotape Recordings, 1955-1986
Three hundred audio recordings of WNUR broadcasts. Topics range from general aspects of NU life, student activities and performances, to social and political speeches and meetings. (10 boxes)
Ward, Winifred (1884-1975) Papers, 1917-1978
Winifred Ward, NU alumna and School of Speech professor, originated the concept of teaching children's creative drama and children's theater. 3 linear feet.
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Medill School of Journalism
Baldwin, Benjamin H. (1919- ) Papers, 1956-1984
Professor of Journalism, named Chairman of Medill's Editorial Department in 1966. (5.8 cubic feet)
Records of the Dean, Ira W. Cole, 1957-2002
As Dean of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, Cole developed the graduate broadcast school, the Medill News Service, the Teaching Newspaper student internship program, and the Gannett Urban Journalism Center. (15 boxes; 5 cubic feet)
Faculty Minutes, Medill School of Journalism, 1939-2004
Minutes and other documents (agendas, correspondence, reports) of meetings relating to administrative and curricular matters; meetings of Medill’s Graduate Division and Editorial Department faculties are included. 4 boxes (1.5 cubic feet)
MacDougall, Curtis (1903-1985) Papers, 1940-1992
During his more than 35 years at Northwestern University, Curtis MacDougall became one of America’s leading journalism experts and educators. (0.45 cubic foot)
Protess, David (1946- ) Papers, 1996-2001
Professor of investigative journalism at NU since 1981, co-founder of the Center for Wrongful Convictions in 1999. Papers consist mainly of correspondence from prisoners. 29 boxes.
Olson, Kenneth E. (1895-1967) Papers, 1937-1967
Under Olson's leadership, in 1938, the Medill School of Journalism first offered a five-year program leading to a Master of Science in Journalism. (0.33 cubic foot)
Schwarzlose, Richard A. (1937-2003) Papers, 1955-2003
A professor at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism from 1968 to 2003, his research interests included wire services, mass communication, press-government relations, media technology and foreign press systems. (34 boxes)
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Dental School
Northwestern University Dental School Deceased Alumni Records, ca. 1892-1947
Records consist of three card-file boxes of 3” x 5” index cards containing information about alumni/alumnae of the Dental School. (0.5 cubic foot)
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Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Associate Dean and Director of the Undergraduate Division of the Business School, Ira D. Anderson, Records, 1937-1963
Anderson chaired the Marketing Department from 1950-53 and served as Associate Dean and Director of the Undergraduate Division of the Business School from 1953-63. (1.3 cubic feet)
Austin Scholarship Program, Records of the, 1928-1994
Historical and admnistrative records of the business-school scholarships established in 1929 by Frederick C. Austin. Prominent graduates include James C. Worthy. (3 boxes)
Bennett, Howard F. (1911-1974) Papers, 1929-1974
Business historian, railroad buff, and professor of Business History at NU from 1946-1968. Papers include biographical data, correspondence, teaching and consulting files, publications. (27 boxes)
Britt, Steuart Henderson (1907-1979) Papers, 1927-1980
Professor of Marketing and Advertising in NU's Schools of Commerce and Journalism, 1957-1975. Papers include biographical, correspondence, teaching, research, and writings files. (10 boxes)
Brownell, Baker (1887-1965) Papers, 1904-1965
Brownell taught Contemporary Thought and philosophy at Northwestern from 1921 to 1953, inviting many prominent figures of the time to speak to his classes. (26 linear feet)
Guthmann, Harry G. (1896 - 1981) Papers, 1909-1981
Professor of Finance from 1927-1965. Papers document his teaching, writing, and professional career. (15 boxes)
Howard, Earl Dean (1876-1956) Papers, 1887-1978
Professor of Sociology and Economics at Northwestern University from 1907 to 1941. (1 cubic foot)
Overton, Richard C. (1907-1988) Papers, 1939-1998
Professor of Business History and Chairman of the Business History Department, 1949-1954. Overton's primary area of research was railroad history and economics. (1.33 cubic feet)
Worthy, James C. (1910-1998) Papers, 1932-1999
Businessman, public servant, and professor in the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. (53 boxes, 25 bound volumes) (more...)
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School of Law
Air Law Institute, Records of the, 1929-1935
The Air Law Institute, affiliated with the Northwestern University Law School, was founded in 1929 to foster the development of American air law, and was in operation until 1940. (more...)
Cook, Walter Wheeler (1873-1943), Papers of, 1898-1944
Professor of Law, specializing in conflict of laws and contract law, from 1935 to 1942. (3 boxes)
Crossley, Frederic B. (1872-1938), Papers, 1910-1923
NU Law School Secretary and Librarian, 1901-1934. In 1922 he was appointed Professor of Professional Ethics and Legal Bibliography. (5 cubic feet)
Green, Leon Papers
Dean of the School of Law from 1929 to 1947.(37 boxes) (more...)
Havighurst, Harold Papers
Professor of Law from 1930 to 1966 and Dean of the School of Law from 1948 to 1957. (23 boxes) (more...)
Inbau, Fred E. (1909-1998) Papers, 1930-1998
Professor at NU's Law School for 37 years, involved in Scientific Crime Detection Lab in the 1930s, known for his opposition to the Miranda Act. (5.5 linear feet) (more...)
Nathanson, Nathaniel L. (1908-1983) Papers, 1924-1985
Lawyer and professor in Northwestern University Law School, 1936-1977. 39 boxes (13 linear feet). (more...)
Schwerin, Kurt (1902-1995) and Gertrude (1910-1993) Papers
Papers of Kurt Schwerin, historian, professor, and law librarian, and his wife, Gertrude Schwerin. Some materials are in German. (10 linear feet). (more...)
Stone, Theodore ( (1895-1962) Papers, ca. 1914-1917
NU Law School alumnus (1917) and principal member of the Chicago firm Stone, Epstein, Lynch and Fitzgerald. Papers include biographical materials and notes from Law School courses. (2 boxes)
Wigmore, John Henry (1863-1943) Papers, 1868-2006
Professor of Law from 1893 to 1943 and Dean of the School of Law from 1901 to 1929, Wigmore transformed a relatively modest institution into one of the leading law schools in the United States. (84 linear feet) (more...)
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Feinberg School of Medicine
Abt, Isaac Arthur (1867-1955) Papers, 1881-1966
Early pediatrician and Northwestern University Medical School professor of pediatrics, 1909-1939. (5 linear feet.) (more...)
Base Hospital Number 12, World War I and II, 1917-2006, Records of
Records of the U.S. Army Base Hospital Number 12, established and staffed during both World Wars by NU doctors and nurses; records and photos include war-era and reunions. (3 cubic feet)
De Costa, Edwin J. (1906-1995) Papers, 1925-1987
Dr. de Costa taught Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern from 1946-1974. (3 boxes)
Records of the Dean of the Medical School, Arthur A. Edwards, 1905-1912
NUMS alumnus and faculty member, served as Dean from 1907-1916. Records consist of correspondence and faculty appointment matters. 1 box.
Langston, Hiram T. (1912-1992) Papers, 1936-1982
Thoracic surgeon and professor in NU's Medical School (1978-1981), Langston served with the 12th General Hospital during WWII. Biographical information, correspondence, publications. (5 boxes)
Records of the Medical School Librarian, 1909-1916
These records consist of correspondence of NU Medical School librarians Dr. Walter Herman Buhlig (1908-1913) and Selma Schneider (1913-1927). (0.5 cubic feet)
Riba, Leander W. (1997-1982) Papers, 1897-1983
Associate professor of urology in NU's Medical School from 1928-1973. Biographical material (including information about Riba's miliatry service; correspondence, lectures, and reprints. (2 boxes)

Schmidt, Dr. Louis E. (1869-1957) Papers, 1894-1957
Schmidt, alumnus and faculty member of the Northwestern University Medical School, was at the center of controversy regarding the Illinois Social Hygiene League in 1928-30. One linear foot.
Schwartz, Steven O. (1911-1998) Papers, 1927-1972
Hematologist and professor of medicine at Northwestern University Medical School from 1955-1979. Papers include course files, clippings, publications, and scrapbooks. (5 boxes)
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School of Pharmacy
Northwestern University School of Pharmacy Student Records, ca. 1887-1917
Student records from the School of Pharmacy, founded 1886. The School ended its affiliation with Northwestern in 1917. Thirty-five boxes (12 cubic feet). (more...)
Oldberg, Oscar (1846-1913) Papers, 1877-1913
Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmacy from 1886 to 1911. (2 boxes)
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Athletic Media Services, Records of 1871-2002
Statistics, rosters, and other information relating to inter-collegiate sports at NU, organized by sport. (19.5 cubic feet)
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School of Education/School of Education and Social Policy
Hughes, James Monroe (1890-1971) Papers, 1941-1956
Professor in NU's School of Education from 1924-1956, developing a program in teacher training. Papers consist of biographical information, correspondence, articles. (1 box)
Lee, John Robert (1923-1976) Papers, 1951-1976
Founder and Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program at NU, where he taught from 1957-1975. Papers document his career as teacher and administrator. (26 boxes)
McSwain, Eldridge Tracy (1898-1978) Papers, 1940-1978
Professor and administrator in the School of Education and University College at Northwestern, 1935-1965. Papers include biographical materials, correspondence, articles. (1 box)
Ernest O. Melby (1891-1987) Papers, 1932-1941
Professor of Education (1928-34) and Dean of the School of Education at NU (1934-41). Papers consist of correspondence, etc., primarily relating to his work as Dean. (3 boxes)
Park, Joe (1913-1993) Papers, 1941-1993
Professor of education at NU from 1944-1978, specializing in philosophy of education. Papers include biographical materials, teaching files, publications, and correspondence. (3 boxes)
Witty, Paul (1898-1976) Papers, 1925-1979
Professor of education and director of the Psycho-Educational Clinic at NU from 1930-1966. During WWII, he developed a reading program for low-literacy soldiers. (7 boxes)
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Continuing Education/ University College/ Evening Divisions
Dean of the Division of Continuing Education/Evening Divisions/University College, Ellen Corley, Records of the, 1963-1987
The University College, founded in 1933, became successively the Evening Divisions, 1953-1978; the Division of Continuing Education, 1978-1983; then once again the University College of Continuing Professional Education in 1983. (1.6 cubic feet)
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McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Chemical Engineering Department Minutes, 1956-1981
Minutes span the dates September 1956 through September 1981. (0.3 cubic foot)
Hilliard, John E. (1926-1986) Papers, 1949-1986
Professor of Materials Science at Northwestern. (2/3 cubic feet)
Klopsteg, Paul E. (1889-1991) Papers, 1905-1991
Professor of Physics at Northwestern, 1944-1954. (3 linear feet)
Lamb, George G. (1906-1977) Papers, 1935-1977
Professor of Chemical Engineering at NU from 1946-1975. The Papers document Lamb's teaching and professional career and personal life.(15 boxes)
Mah, Richard S. H. (1934-2004) Papers, 1980-2004
Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern. (0.33 cubic foot)
Quon, Jimmie E., (1934-1981) Papers, 1954-1980
Civil Engineering professor at NU, 1960-1981, specializing in sanitary engineering. The Papers document his teaching, research, consultation, and publications (15 boxes.)
Rubenstein, Albert H. (1923- ) Papers, 1951-2001
Director of NU's Engineering Management Program, 1977-1992. (1 cubic foot)
Thodos, George (1915-2000) Papers, 1939-1997
Thodos taught Chemical Engineering at Northwestern for 39 years. His research included heat and mass transfer, thermodynamic and transport properties, and solar energy. (19 boxes)
Wyly, Lawrence T. (1893-1981) Papers, 1904-1980
Structural engineer specializing in bridges, taught civil engineering at NU, 1938-1961. Papers document his life and career. (18 boxes, 5 dropfronts)
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Transportation Center
Spencer, Frank A. (1913-2001) Papers, 1941-1998
NU student Spencer returned after a career in aviation to teach and serve as administrator in NU's Graduate School of Management and Transportation Center until his retirement in 1983.
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University Library
Accession Records, 1878-1941
Handwritten and typed lists of the books and other Library materials acquired between December, 1878 and July, 1941, including the volumes and pamphlets in the Greenleaf Collection.
Ambrose, Lodilla (1865-1927) Papers, 1883-2001
Ambrose was the first head librarian at Northwestern University (1889-1908). (0.5 linear feet) (more...)
Keith, Effie (1882-1969) Papers, 1933-2004
Librarian at Northwestern from 1916-1966. (0.5 boxes)
Koch, Theodore Wesley (1871-1941) Papers, 1894-1980
Head Librarian at Northwestern University, 1919-1941, who supervised the building of Deering Library. (1 cubic foot)
Lewis, Eleanor F. (1882-1961) Papers, 1900-1977
Lewis, daughter of Methodist missionaries in China, worked at the Northwestern University Library from 1904-1948. One-third cubic foot.
Library Planning & Building Committee records (1951-1971)
Working files of Committee Chair Clarence Ver Steeg include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, surveys, and plans for the building of the new University Library (12 boxes).
Lichtenstein, Walter (1880-1964) Papers, 1908-1999
Lichtenstein, the Library's second Head Librarian, served from 1908 to 1918. (0.66 cubic foot)
Nyholm, Jens, Records of the University Librarian, 1944-1968
Nyholm served as University Librarian from 1944 to 1968. Records document the operation of the Library during a significant period of expansion and reorganization. (10 cubic feet)
Nyholm, Jens (1900-1983) Papers, 1855-1983
Nyholm's personal papers include biographical materials, correspondence, professional organization files, research and consulting files, and publications. Some materials are in Danish. (20 boxes)
University Archives Correspondence, 1936-2008
Series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence documenting the daily functioning of the University Archives. (87 boxes)
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Programs and Research Centers
African Studies, Records of the Program of, ca.1955-1991
Northwestern's Program of African Studies, founded in 1948 by Melville J. Herskovits, was the first program on Africa in the nation and the first multidisciplinary program at Northwestern. (60 boxes)
African Studies, Program of, Lecture Series Audiotapes, 1965-1978
Audiotapes of lectures by NU faculty and notable guest lecturers. 460 tapes of varying sound quality. (13 cartons)
Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities Workshop Papers, 1993-2007
Papers written by graduate students and professors from Northwestern University and other educational institutions. (1 cubic foot)
Brutus, Dennis (1924- ) Papers, 1960-1984
Poet, South African expatriate, and English Professor at Northwestern from 1971 to 1985. (38 boxes)
Carter, Gwendolen M (1906-1990) Papers, 1915-1991
Carter was the Director of Northwestern's Program of African Studies, 1964-1974. (70+ linear feet)
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, Records of the, 1986-1995
The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts (CIRA) was conceived in the spring of 1986 to enhance and support cross-disciplinary research and scholarship in the arts. (0.8 cubic foot)
Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park, Records of the, 1984-1996
In the early part of the 1980s Northwestern University and the City of Evanston worked to develop a joint project that would benefit both parties. (1.5 cubic feet)
Herskovits, Melville J. (1895-1963), Papers of, 1906-1963
The papers of Melville J. Herskovits (1895-1963), anthropologist and founder of the Program of African Studies at Northwestern University.
Herskovits, Melville J. (1895-1963) Biographical Materials
Biographical materials relating to the career of anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits (1 box).
Program On Women, Records of the, 1970-1986
This interdisciplinary program was instituted in 1974 to sponsor research in women's studies and coordinate the Women's Studies Curriculum. (13 boxes)
Reports Of The Center For Urban Affairs And Policy Research, 1970 - 1995
The Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research at Northwestern University was founded in 1968, one of 14 such centers funded by the Ford Foundation following the urban riots of the 1960’s. In 1996, the Center’s name was changed to the Institute for Policy Research. (7 boxes) (more...)
Women's Center, Records of the, 1986-1991
The Women's Center, an expansion of Northwestern's Program on Women, was opened in 1986. (1 linear foot)
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Student Activities, Student Life, and Alumni Papers
A&O Productions, Records of, 1968-2010
Production records for the events (music, speakers, dances, and more) organized during the years 1970-2010. (12 cubic feet)
The Adelphic Literary Society (1860-1893, 1897-1911) Minute Book, 1877-1893
The Adelphic Society was Northwestern's second oldest literary society. It was established circa 1860, disbanded in 1893, reestablished in 1897 and lasted until its final dissolution in 1911. (2 Volumes)
African-American Student Affairs, Records of the Department of, 1966-2001
Founded in the 1960s, the mission of the AASA is to support the completion of undergraduate academic programs by African Americans and Black students, and foster a positive sense of community at Northwestern University. (3 boxes)
Alpha Epsilon Phi, Records of, 1929-1968
Photographs, clippings, and ephemera documenting the membership and activities of the Omicron Chapter (1912-1988) of the Jewish sorority. (4 boxes, 5 scrapbooks).
Alpha Pi Zeta, Records of, 1923-1942
A chapter of this honorary and professional fraternity for the Social Sciences was founded at Northwestern in 1924. (0.33 cubic foot)
Alvord, Katharine (1861-1963) Papers, 1880-1969
A student at Northwestern's School of Oratory and later an actress. Alvord's papers include materials relating to her career as well as intimate correspondence with Fred Randolph, an NU student who died in 1882.
Amazingrace, Records of, 1970-1978
Clippings, original posters and performance schedules from the Evanston coffee house, known for its folk music performances.
Arts Alliance, Records of the, 1950-2002
The Arts Alliance, student arts organization that puts on the Mee-Ow and Dolphin Shows, among other student productions. 4.5 linear feet.
Associated Student Government, Records of, 1960-2008
Records of ASG, Northwestern University's student government organization. (10 linear feet)
Baker, Frank L. (1909-1985) Scrapbook, ca. 1924-1933
The scrapbook contains mostly newspaper clippings documenting Baker's prowess on the NU football team, 1927-30, and later as a professional player for the Green Bay Packers. (1 large volume)
Barber, Ethel M. (1914-1999) Papers, 1940-2000
Barber earned a PhD from NU's School of Speech in 1947. The papers reflect her volunteer work and donations to NU (commemorated in the Ethel M. Barber Theater) and other institutions. (2 boxes)
Boyd, Elisabeth Blossom Diary, 1903-1904
This diary documents a year in the life of NU Music School student Elisabeth Blossom Boyd. (1 folder)
Bradley, David (1920-1997) Papers, 1936-1980
After graduating from Northwestern in June 1950 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech, Bradley went to Hollywood to work for M.G.M. He later taught film courses at the University of California at Los Angeles and at Santa Monica College. (0.66 cubic foot)
Brumback, Willson P. Football Scrapbook, 1916
Willson Brumback’s Scrapbook documents Northwestern’s triumphal 1916 football season in seventeen pages of newspaper clippings.
Buntain, C. M. Clay (1876-1927) Scrapbook, 1894-1902
The C. M. Clay Buntain Scrapbook documents Buntain's activities at Northwestern between 1894 and 1902.
Coon, Owen L. (1894-1948) Scrapbook, 1907-1962
A law student at Northwestern, Coon was active in innumerable campus organizations and activities, and later, a generous philanthropist. (0.33 cubic foot)
Cowan, Marjorie May (1911- ) Papers, 1929-1933
Diaries of an NU alumna (Class of 1933) document her academic and social activities. (.5 box)
Dance cards, 1903-1935
Two card-file boxes of dance cards from events sponsored by sororities, fraternities, and other Northwestern University organizations. (more...)
EmPOWER, Records of, 1991-1993
A feminist group linked with Northwestern University’s Panhellenic Association, emPOWER was designed to raise awareness of women’s issues within NU's sororities. (0.16 cubic foot)
Finkelstein, Fred S. (1957- ) Papers, 1939-1999
The Fred Finkelstein Papers consist of materials relating to his project on McCarthyism at Northwestern. (0.3 cubic foot)
Flowers, Katherine (1896-1982) Papers, 1934-1981
NU alumna (1942), dancer, and choreographer, Flowers studied the evolution of African-American dance; papers include clippings, scrapbooks, and photographs. (6 boxes)
Francis, Tod H. (1959-    ) Photograph Collection, 1977-1983
 Photographs (negatives, prints, and contact sheets) depicting student life at NU, taken by alumnus Francis. (16 boxes)
Frankel, Stanley A. (1918-1999) Papers, 1916-1999
NU alumnus, Class of 1940, Frankel was a journalist, speechwriter, and political activist throughout his life. Papers include biographical materials, correspondence, and clippings. (6 cubic feet)
Garrison, Alice King (1906- ) Scrapbook, 1924-1928
This scrapbook documents the social and academic life of Alice King, an undergraduate at Northwestern University. Included are many newspaper clippings, photographs, dance cards, printed materials, and other memorabilia.(more...)
Girton, Daisy M. (1880-1963) Papers, 1901-1963
Diary of Northwestern University student, depicting student life 1901-1905. (more...)
Hawley, Lillian E. (1887-1970) Scrapbook, 1909-1912
The Lillian E. Hawley Scrapbook consists of several loose pages (perhaps removed from a larger scrapbook) that document her years at Northwestern, 1908-1912. (1 Folder)
Henkel, Eloise (1923-1996) Papers, 1948-1974
Journalist Eloise Henkel (Medill 1944) covered Vietnam and SE Asia during the Vietnam War. Papers include article drafts, clippings, correspondence, photos.(5 boxes)
Hinman Literary Society (1857-1915) Minute Books and Librarian's Record, 1857-1868, 1869-1882
The Hinman Society was the first literary society at Northwestern University. (3 Volumes)
Hobart, Elizabeth (1891-1980) Scrapbook, 1909-1916
The Elizabeth Hobart scrapbook features a variety of materials relating principally to Hobart's social life and academic studies. (1 Volume)
Howell, James Maurice (1913-1994) Scrapbook, 1931-1941
While at Northwestern, Howell was a drum carrier in the marching band and a member of the glee club. He was an active member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. (1 Volume)
Luker, Paul Jacob (1889-1970) Scrapbook, 1909-1916
The Paul Jacob Luker scrapbook contains materials realting to Luker's social, athletic and academic life at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.(more...)
Lydians, Records of the, 1933-1973
The Lydians, founded in 1913, was the main organization for women students on Northwestern's Chicago Campus.
Master of the Communications Residential College, Records of the, 1981-1997
The Communications Residential College (CRC) is one of eleven Residential Colleges on the Northwestern University campus. (0.6 cubic feet)
Mee-Ow Show, Records of the, 1974-2004
Records of the annual student-run comedy revue and improvisation show, started in the fall of 1973 as a reaction to Northwestern’s Waa-Mu show. (4 boxes)
Paddock, Helen (1892-1965) Scrapbook, 1910-1915
Photographs, newspaper clippings, dance cards, and other memorabilia are included in this scrapbook documenting the social, academic, and family life of a Northwestern student.
Pingree, Melvin A. (1845-1866) Photograph Album, circa 1865-1866
Pingree's (NU 1865) photo album includes NU classmates and professors, as well as Civil War officers he may have met in Washington. (1 vol.)
Putnam, Karl F. (1879-1960) Scrapbook, 1899-1903
The Karl F. Putnam scrapbook contains newspaper clippings documenting social, academic, and family events, as well as news and information about Northwestern University.(more...)
Reynolds, Eva (1885-?) Scrapbook, 1905-1908
Reynolds was a member of the Women's Union and attended Young Women's Christian Association meetings, among other activities on campus. (0.15 cubic foot)
Rogers Debating Society (1897-1913) Minute Book, 1904-1913
The Rogers Society, named for NU president Henry Wade Rogers, was organized in 1897 to promote oratorical and debating skills in the University community. (1 Volume)
Robinson, Ethel (1890?-1975?) Papers, 1909-1914
School of Oratory alumna (1912) and Zeta Phi Eta member; papers consist of a daily calendar (1910) and a scrapbook documenting Robinson's life as an NU student.
Rose, Ada Campbell (1901-1976) Papers, 1922-1977
Rose was a writer, editor (Jack & Jill Magazine), and NU alumna (1923). Papers include biographical materials, clippings, speeches, and writings. (2 boxes)
Ross, Sam (1910-1998)Papers, 1978-1979
Papers of novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Ross (NU Journalism 1934) consist of correspondence, notes, and drafts. (4 boxes)
Sale, Edna M. (1882-1978) Scrapbook, 1889-1970
Sale graduated from the Northwestern University School of Oratory in 1907. Her scrapbook includes course notes, photos, dance cards, and correspondence. (1 box)
Shepard Residential College, Records of (1972-1984)
Non-thematic residential college founded in 1972 (2.5 boxes)
Sims, Lewis Elmer (1855-1937) Papers, 1874-1977
NU Student (Class of 1879) whose letters and other materials vividly document student life at NU. (1 box)
Sternfeld, Edith A. (1898-1990) Scrapbook, 1917-1921
This scrapbook documents the academic and social life of artist and art educator Edith Sternfeld while she was an undergraduate at Northwestern. (more...)
Student Governing Board, Records of the, 1932-1960
The Student Governing Board (SGB) of Northwestern University was formed in 1933 with the dual purpose of regulating important campus issues and acting as the executive board of the Evanston Campus Association. (0.82 cubic feet)
Student Protests and Strikes at Northwestern University, 1965-1979
Organized chronologically by event, records include clippings, flyers, demands from and negotiations with University administration, administrative memos and speeches. (1 box)
Student Senate, Records of the, 1960-1969
The Student Senate of Northwestern University was an elective governing body with responsibility for oversight of all student organizations as well as other student government organizations. (0.3 cubic foot)
Student Strike, May 1970 (Anti-Vietnam War)
Flyers, reports, memos, and newspaper clippings documenting Northwestern students' strike in opposition to the Vietnam War; includes faculty, administration, and community response. (2.5 bxes)
Tau Beta Pi, Illinois Gamma Chapter, Records of, 1929- 2003
Records of the Northwestern chapter of the honorary engineering society. (1.66 cubic feet)
University Chaplain James E. Avery (1949-1999), Records of, 1960-1985
Chaplain at Alice Millar Chapel for 13 years, Rev. Avery developed a strong congregation of student, faculty, and staff and was an advocate of social justice issues. Records include biographical materials, correspondence, subject files, and records of events over which he presided. (58 boxes)
Waa-Mu Show, 1929-1992
Records of this annual student-written musical revue, which has launched many careers in movies, stage, and TV, include scripts, programs, and other materials relating to the productions.
Waa-Mu Show Photographs, 1929-2001
Photographs (mostly black and white) documenting the student-written musical revue since its beginning in 1929 are organized by size and then by date. (31 boxes)
Walkup, Carrie, Diaries 1861-1922
Walkup attended the Northwestern Female College in 1864. Her diaries document the life of a young woman during the Civil War.
Wallace, Ralph C. J. Scrapbook, 1902-1920
Wallace was a member of the Beta Pi chapter of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta (625 Church Street) in 1905; Associate Editor of The Daily Northwestern; and Business Manager of the Junior Play. (0.33 cubic foot)
Whitney, Myrtle V. (1869- ?) Papers, 1890-1892
Letters from Whitney (NU 1891) to her family during her time as a student offer valuable insight into the life of a female student at the University at the time. (.5 box)
Women's Self-Government Association Scrapbook, 1926-1931
The WSGA set, enforced, and interpreted the rules that governed all aspects of women's lives on campus. All women students were automatically members of the Association and all of them were governed by its rules. (0.15 cubic foot)
Young, Quentin D. Papers, 1937-2002
Extensive papers document the life, career, and activism of Dr. Young (NU Med School 1948)and his work as an advocate of progressive policy reform in medicine. (50 boxes)
YWCA, Northwestern University, Records of, 1901-1962
The Young Woman's Christian Association was a popluar student activity at NU. From 1908-1933, with the YMCA, the YW produced the NU Circus. Records include minute books and scrapbooks.
Zeta Phi Eta, Records of, 1893-1992
Records of Northwestern's first professional fraternity, formed for students and later alumnae of the School of Oratory (later the School of Communication). Historical materials, chapter records, records of programs and publications. 1.5 cubic feet.
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Administration & Trustees

Campus Commission, Records of the, 1905-1910
Documenting the committee which held a 1911 competition for a comprehensive architecture and landscaping design for Northwestern's Evanston campus. (.5 box)
Deering, William, Family Papers (1845-1983)
Papers of members of the Deering family: William (1826-1913), Charles (1852-1927), Marion, James (1859-1925), Roger (1884-1936), and Chauncey McCormick (1884-1925). 8 boxes (2.66 cubic feet). (more...)
Director of Dormitories and Undergraduate Housing, Records of the, 1937-1971
The Director of Dormitories and University Housing oversaw the leasing, decorating, and maintenance of fraternity and sorority houses, dormitories, and dining halls. (4 boxes)
Dyche, William Andrew (1861-1936) Papers, 1903-1918
Dyche was the University Business Manager from 1903 to 1934 and University Counsellor from 1934 to 1936. In 1927, he was named Business Manager "for life", and awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1932. (0.15 cubic foot)
Fagg, Fred Dow Jr. (1896-1981) Papers, 1937-1957
During his time at Northwestern (from 1929 to 1947) Fagg was a Law Professor, Dean of the School of Commerce, Vice President and Dean of Faculties and Director of Northwestern's Institute of Aeronautics. (13 boxes)
Hough, Lynn Harold (1877-1971) Papers, 1919-1955
Elected the 14th president of Northwestern in 1919, Hough served for one year before returning to the active ministry. His tenure at NU saw the founding of the School of Education and the purchase of land that would become the university's Chicago Campus. (1 box)
Kreml, Franklin M. (1907-1998) Papers, 1928-1998
Franklin Martin Kreml, national expert on traffic safety, accident prevention and law enforcement, was the founding Director of the Northwestern University Traffic Institute and a University administrator for over 35 years. (3.5 cubic feet)
Lunt, Cornelia Gray (1843-1934) Papers, 1866-1964
Lunt, daughter of Northwestern founder Orrington Lunt and often called the "First Lady of Evanston," was instrumental in forming cultural activities in Evanston from the 1880s-1920s.
MacChesney, Nathan William (1878-1954), Papers 1915-1952
Member of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University from 1913 to 1948. (4 boxes)
Mason, Claudine V. (1899-1993) Papers, 1917-1986
An alumna of NU, Counselor to Women in 1948-1952, Dean of Women 1952-1960. (1.5 boxes)
McLeod, James C. (1902-1981) Papers, 1945-1981
Between 1946 and 1971, McLeod served as University Chaplain, Professor of History and Literature of Religions, and Dean of Students. (1 box)
Miller, Joe W. (1906-1979), Records of the Dean of Special Events, 1929-1976
Creator, with fellow student Darrell Ware, of the first WAA-MU show in 1929, Miller went on to become WAA-MU Director, Director of Student Affairs, Dean of Special Events, Associate Dean of Students, and Vice President of University Affairs. (6 boxes)
Oates, James Franklin Jr. (1899-1982) Papers, 1924-1981
Member of the Northwestern University Board of Trustees from 1948 to 1957. (30.5 boxes and 51 bound volumes)
Olson, Harry (1867-1935) Papers (1906-1940)
The papers of Chicago Municipal Court Chief Justice Harry Olson, an alumnus of Northwestern's Law School and a Northwestern trustee, include biographical, correspondence, and subject files. (more...)
Organization of Women Faculty, Records of the, 1964-1994
The OWF was officially established in 1981, but had its roots in committee work begun in the mid-1960s. Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, clippings, and notes.
Rogers, Henry Wade (1853-1926) Papers, 1890-1971
President of NU from 1890-1900, his tenure saw the consolidation of the University. His wife, Emma Rogers, was a founder of the Northwestern University Settlement Association. (1/3 cubic foot)
Scott, Walter Dill ( 1869-1955) Papers, 1891-1977
President of NU from 1920-1939, a time of tremendous growth and change for the University, including the building of the Chicago campus. (14 cubic feet)
Trienens, Howard J., Papers of, 1986-1999
This series documents legal proceedings involving a Degas monotype, owned by one of Trienens' clients, which was claimed by the heirs of a Jewish art collector.
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Northwestern University Settlement Association
Northwestern University Settlement Association: General Administrative Records, 1892-2000
Records of the settlement house, founded by NU faculty and alumni in 1891 and still located on the near west side of Chicago. (108 boxes)
Northwestern University Settlement Association Case Files, 1908-1975
These records document caseworker intervention on a variety of personal, family, or social problems encountered by the NU Settlement's client population.
Northwestern University Settlement Association Clubs and Classes, 1886-1953
Attendance sheets and registration cards for clubs, classes, and other activities offered by the Northwestern University Settlement.
Northwestern University Settlement Association Delinquent Boys Casefiles, 1929-39
Case files of young men who came to the Northwestern University Settlement for assistance with probation supervision, legal advice, employment referrals, and continuing education.
Northwestern University Settlement Association Financial Records, 1918-1985
Financial Records--mostly in ledger form--of the Northwestern University Settlement Association.
Northwestern University Settlement Association Photographs, 1890-1991
Photographs of activities, events, and people connected with the Northwestern University Settlement house on Chicago's near west side.
Northwestern University Settlement Association Scrapbooks, 1892-1984
Approximately 47 scrapbooks compiled by different individuals or groups connected with the Northwestern University Settlement.
Lenora E. Clark Diary, 1906-1910
The diary of Lenora Clark, who gave music lessons at the Northwestern University Settlement, illuminates a young woman's life in the early years of 20th century.
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American Hospital Supply Corporation (AHSC) Records, 1920-1986
Records of the American Hospital Supply Corporation, founded in 1922 by Foster G. McGaw; originally part of McGaw's personal papers.
American Hospital Supply Corporation Catalogs and Publications, 1928-1986
Product catalogs, newsletters and other publications of the AHSC, supplier of healthcare products, founded by Foster G. McGaw. (28 boxes)
American Hospital Supply Corporation Financial Records, 1923-1963
Financial statements, ledgers, cash receipt and distribution records of the AHSC (supplier of healthcare products) and its subsidiaries. (11 boxes, 14 volumes)
American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, Records of the, 1909-1934, n.d.
The American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology was organized in 1909 at the National Conference on Criminal Law and Criminology. (1.5 cubic feet)
Bixby, James L., Photographic Collection, 1939-1942
Photographs documenting life at Northwestern from 1939-1942, including images of courtship, fraternity and sorority rituals, formal dances, student residences, athletic events, theatrical performances, members of the faculty and staff, and notable visitors to campus. (aprox. 1,000 black & white 4x5 negatives and prints)
Block Gallery, Records of the, 1932-1997
Records of NU's art museum and gallery include administrative records and files on exhibits, events, grants, donations and development, the Friends of Art, and personnel records. (16 cubic feet)
Centennial Conference on the Arts, Records of the, 1950-1951
Northwestern's Centennial Conference on the Arts, entitled "The Arts in Modern Society," was held April 19 and 20, 1951, in conjunction with the University's Centennial Celebration. (0.15 cubic foot)
Church in the Chapel (Alice Millar Chapel), Records of the, 1971-2001
The Church in the Chapel is an interdenominational Christian community of Northwestern students, staff, faculty and local community residents who worship at Northwestern's Alice S. Millar Chapel. (1.15 cubic feet)
Citizens for 65, Records of, 1953-2003
This Evanston and Skokie, IL, community organization supported School District 65 Supt. Gregory Coffin's desegregation policies. Materials include clippings, correspondence, training manuals, and photographs documenting educational, racial, and political issues. (2 cubic feet)
Colegrove, Peter (1817-1860) Diary, 1833-1840
Diary of Baptist Minister Peter Colegrove (ancestor of NU Professor Kenneth Colegrove). One-third linear foot.
Committee on Institutional Cooperation (C.I.C.) Records, 1958-1985
The CIC of the Council of Ten and the University of Chicago was established in 1958. These records, compiled by an NU Faculty member, include meeting minutes, correspondence, and annual reports.
Don Baxter, Inc., Records of, 1930-1962
Records of the pharmaceutical company, which became a subsidiary of the American Hospital Supply Corporation in 1950. (1 box)
Evanston Academy, Records of (1857-1967)
Records of the Academy, established in 1859 as the Preparatory Department for NU and closed in 1917, include historical materials, correspondence, catalogs, and bulletins. (.5 cubic feet)
Evanston College for Ladies, Records of the, 1869-1933
In 1869 the Evanston College for Ladies was founded to provide female students with a respectable boarding house and supplemental or preparatory studies as they began or contemplated coursework at Northwestern University. (0.3 cubic foot)
Fisk, Herbert Franklin Papers, 1874-1917
In 1873 Fisk became Principal of Northwestern University's Preparatory School (later known as the Evanston Academy), a position he held until 1904. (0.33 cubic foot)
Garrett, Augustus (1801-1848) Letterbooks, 1843-1845
Letters written by real estate investor and one-term Chicago mayor, whose widow endowed the Garrett Biblical Institute in 1855. (2 vol)
Hesler, Alexander (1823-1895) Photographs, 1870s-1880s
Over 150 photographic prints (mostly 4x6 cabinet size, mounted on cardstock) taken by the noted Evanston photographer, depicting Northwestern faculty, students, and buildings.
Higdon, Hal (1931- ) Papers, 1961-1983
Papers of author Hal Higdon consist primarily of correspondence, research and background material, and drafts of Higdon's numerous books and articles. (18 boxes)
Hulbert, Harold S. Papers, 1920-1956
The Papers of psychiatrist Hulbert include notes and correspondence pertaining to his examination of John Kammerer, a convicted murderer executed February 13, 1925; and Hulbert's contributions as a consultant in the celebrated Leopold and Loeb case of 1924. (0.66 cubic foot)
Jones, William P. (1831-1886) Papers, 1857-1932
Co-founder, with his brother, John Wesley Jones, of the Northwestern Female College. (more...)
Lawson, Lawrence O. (1842-1912) Scrapbook, 1880-ca. 1941
The oversized scrapbook contains clippings detailing the exploits of Lawson and the crews of the U.S. Lifesaving Station at Evanston, dating largely from 1880 to 1912. (1 volume)
Lexington Group, Records of the, 1942-1989
An informal organization dedicated to the study of American railroad history, the Lexington Group was formed in 1942. (3.33 cubic feet)
McEwen, Dr. Mary G. (1872-1951) Papers, 1897-1952
Dr. McEwen received her MD from Northwestern's Women's Medical College in 1898. Papers include biographical materials and her medical school class notes. (1.5 boxes)
McGaw, Foster G. (1897-1986), Papers, 1885-1986
McGaw, businessman and philanthropist, founded the American Hospital Supply Corporation. (96 boxes)
McGaw, Foster G., Scrapbooks, 1951-1983
Scrapbooks documenting acknowledgements, awards, and ceremonies honoring the philanthropic work of Foster and Mary McGaw. (12 boxes, including 5 oversized boxes)
Military Training Programs Records, 1941-1949
The Army, Navy, and the Civil Aeronautics Administration operated eleven training programs at Northwestern during WWII. (2 boxes)
Naval Training Programs Records, 1934-1960
During WWII, the Technological Institute administered Naval training programs including the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC), which had been operating on campus since its establishment in 1926. (1.15 cubic feet)
Naval V-12 Program Records, 1943-1946
The Naval V-12 program was established by the War Department on university campuses during WWII to provide the Navy with a continuous supply of officers. From 1943 to 1946 2777 men graduated from Northwestern's V-12 program. (4 boxes)
Northwestern Female College, Records of the, 1855-1976
In 1855 William P. Jones, Jr., and his brother, J. Wesley Jones, both Methodist ministers, founded the Northwestern Female College (Evanston, IL) with the stated goal of offering to “Young Ladies of the Northwest” a “thorough Collegiate Education near home, and amid such rural seclusion as will secure every possible guaranty [sic] for health, morals, and refinement.” (0.3 cubic foot)
Northwestern University Centennial Celebration, Records of the, 1949-1952
The Centennial Celebration consisted of five formal convocations, six academic conferences, and a wide variety of other events and meetings more or less directly concerned with the University. Founders' Day, January 28, 1951, was the opening event of the Centennial and the first formal convocation. (6.33 cubic feet)
Northwestern University Dames Club, 1946-1977
The Dames Club was a social organization for women affiliated with Northwestern--including wives and mothers of NU students, as well as married women students.
Northwestern University NROTC, Records of the, 1918-2001
The Northwestern University Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NROTC) came into existence in 1926, after Northwestern President Walter Dill Scott requested of the United States Bureau of Navigation that the unit be established. (1.33 cubic feet)
NUBIA, Records of, 1990-2001
NUBIA (Northwestern University Black-Wimmin In Action) was formed in 1990 to address the needs of African-American women--faculty, staff, and students--at Northwestern. (1 box)
Oldberg, Eric (1901-1986) Papers, 1940-1986
Prominent neurosurgeon, Chicago civic leader, NU alum, instructor in physiology (1927-1928), president of the Chicago Board of Health (1960-1979), and son of pianist and Northwestern music professor Arne Oldberg. (4 Boxes)
Papangelis, Betty Ann (1925- ) Papers, 1965-1970
Community activist who ran for a seat on the Evanston/Skokie, IL, District 65 school board in the contentious election of 1970. Materials include speeches, press releases, clippings, reports. (.5 box)
Philomathia Society (1868-1917) Minute Books, 1868-1893, 1904-1917
The Philomathia Society Minute Books record the minutes of this Northwestern Academy literary society from its inception on May 8, 1868, to its final meeting on May 4, 1917, with a break of over 11 years in between. (5 Volumes)
Pi Kappa Lambda, Records of, 1918-2003
Pi Kappa Lambda, a national honor society in music, was founded in 1918 at Northwestern University. The Greek letters Pi Kappa Lambda were chosen to honor long-time Dean and founder of the School of Music, Peter Christian Lutkin. (1.33 cubic feet)
Student Army Training Corps (SATC) Ledger, 1918-1919
Ledger containing the financial records of the student/soldier program (the predecessor of the ROTC) implemented at NU during WWI. (1 volume)
School of Domestic Arts and Sciences, 1899-1972
Originally a philanthropic institution founded by wealthy Chicago clubwomen to professionalize domestic labor, the School was sold in 1943 and became the foundation of Northwestern's Home Economics Department (1943-1973). (3 cubic feet)
TriQuarterly, Administrative Records of, 1964-1997
The bulk of the files concern funding requests to various foundations and grant-making organizations, most notably the Illinois Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Fund, and the John D. and Catharine T. MacArthur Foundation. (7.33 cubic feet)
TriQuarterly, Records of, 1964-1997
Records of issues 1-99 of the TriQuarterly literary magazine. (37 cubic feet) (more...)
University Circle, Records of the, 1915-1999
Social, educational, and philanthropic organization founded in 1915, and continuing to this day, for women associated with Northwestern University. Fifteen boxes (5 cubic feet). (more...)
University Guild, Records of the, 1892-2004
Records of the women's organization founded to sponsor cultural programs and scholarships, and to collect artwork. (38 boxes) (more...)
Willard, Frances E. (1839-1898) Journal Transcriptions
Transcriptions of 50 journals kept by Willard between 1855 and 1896. The journals were transcribed circa 1986 by Carolyn DeSwarte Gifford. (1 cubic foot)
Willard, Frances E. (1839-1898) Collection, 1871-1998
Various materials relating to Willard, first Dean of Women at Northwestern University, president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and noted social reformer. (1 half-size box)
Women's Board of Northwestern University, Records of, 1978-1988
The Women's Board was established in 1978, by the wives of five members of the Board of Trustees. (4 boxes)
Woman's Club of Evanston Records
Founded in 1889 by Elizabeth Boynton Harbert, the Woman's Club of Evanston is both a social club and a community service organization. (40 boxes, 53 scrapbooks, and 128 bound volumes) (more...)
Woman's College of Northwestern University, Records of the, 1872-1893
In June 1873 the Evanston College for Ladies became the Woman’s College (also known as the College of Literature and Art) of Northwestern University. (0.3 cubic foot)
Women's Educational Aid Association, Records of the, 1871-2000
The Women’s Educational Aid Association (WEAA) was organized in 1871 as the Educational Association, founded by Evanston women to help promote the higher education of deserving students at the Evanston College for Ladies. (12 boxes) (more . . .)
World Council of Churches, Records Pertaining to the Second Assembly of (1950-1955)
Records of Northwestern's involvement in planning and hosting this huge event (8/15-8/31/1954); guests speakers from all over the world included President Eisenhhower. (3 boxes)
World War I, Records Relating to:
U.S. Army Training School Trainee Records, 1919 (2 boxes)
War Service Record Cards, ca. 1917-1919 (NU Students) (1.5 boxes)
War Service Record Cards, ca. 1917-1919 (NU alumni and faculty) (1.5 boxes)
Student Army Training Corps (SATC) Application and Induction Records, 1918 (2 boxes)
World Wars I and II, Records of, 1914-1996
These records document Northwestern’s contributions during both World Wars, including government use of campus facilities, and establishment of special courses and military training programs. (2 boxes)

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